Parr Audio


How Does It WORK????

These are the different phases of a project, and time must be budgeted for each phase, if needed.

PRE-PRODUCTION  The preparation of the songs, arrangements, rehearsals for session players, defining tempos, preparing charts, production discussions, beat and loop creation.

BASIC TRACKS  Arrival of band, set up of equipment, placement of microphones and preamps, soundcheck of levels, and headphone mixes, and recording of multiple takes of each song.

OVER DUBS   The one-on-one recording of vocals, solos, fixes and editing. This can be the most time consuming phase depending on the complexity of production and amount of layering involved.

MIXING   The process of automating fader moves, effects, eq, and creating a stereo 2 track mix of each multi-track recording. This too is a phase that can be very time consuming depending on the complexity of the songs and number of choices to be made. This is when you decide how your record is going to sound, so don't skimp on time!

MASTERING  This is the process of putting a final coat of glisten on the stereo mixes, choosing the order and preparing a master to send to manufacturing.

PACKAGING  We offer design services including photography, layout of CD packaging, posters, and promotional materials, as well as creating an appropriate over-all look for the band. We can also design and host websites.

LEGAL SERVICES  We can help you through the process of getting your music properly copywritten and protected. We have all the proper forms and will do the step-by-step process to make sure you are protected.

The Marketing of your music can be the most challenging part, so be prepared. Although Parr Audio is not a marketing firm, we do offer advice and guidance, design and packaging services and we proudly play our clients music to the people who count.