Parr Audio 
Student  and Youth Programming

Student and Youth Programs

We offer recording, songwriting help and voice coaching to young musicians, as well as demo reels for  auditions.  Send your child off to an audition with professional backing tracks, and the confidence to let their talent shine when they need to the most!

One of our peeves with the music education industry is that they only offer teaching recording techniques with only certain formats and platforms, many of which sponsor the programs.  What we do at Parr Audio is help the budding musician/producer/engineer with the system THEY choose to use, and set up their own computer and hardware to be intuitive and easy to use.  There is NOTHING more frustrating than to have a creative musical idea get lost in the mire of technology.
Training Programs / Summer Internships
The seasonal nature of Martha's Vineyard allows for a great deal of flexibility in the training we offer.  Winter is perfect for learning the ropes of Recording, Producing, and Live Sound.  And then summer season hits with the opportunity to put those new skills to work in the studio, concert venues, and events that need backline, PA setup, and live sound Mixing.  Jimmy has over 35 years of experience to share with all the tricks of the trade of being a working musician, engineer or producer.